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What jobs will there be for our kids in the future?
Robots, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies are poised to radically change the future of work. This has been made even more evident during this pandemic. You can future-proof your kids when the job market could be completely turned on its head.

With technological innovation happening at a rapid pace, much of the work we do today could be automated out of existence. At the same time, new jobs will pop up, but no one knows for sure what those jobs may be. Some jobs will vanish, while others will remain,but change. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your kids are prepared for a more tech-filled future, even though we don’t know what lies ahead.


It is important we change the way we talk to our kids about work. Instead of asking what they want to be when they grow up, it is better to find out what problems they want to solve and equip them with skills they will need to fit into the future.

Join our two weeks intensive workshop in our kidpreneur business club to acquire these skills.

Date: July 13th-24th
Time: 10am-12noon
Price: #3500
Age: 5-16 years
Workshop platforms: Telegram, Zoom, Google class
Reg link:

Pay to: Clover Hall Education services Ltd
1014666170, Zenith Bank.

Enquiries: 08069768303, 07031003537

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